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Have to wake my child

I just wanted to reach out and say thank you again for your help!  Will now sleeps from 630pm to 730am on weekends without waking up, and on work days we have to wake him up!!  :) makes a world of a difference!


Sleeping though the night

My son had not slept alone or through an entire night since he was born.  I had tried an online sleep training coach that cost me an arm and a leg and did absolutely nothing to ensure that my son was actually able to get sleep at night.  I found Pia through a friend of mine who said that she helped with her toddlers so it gave me hope.  Everyone said that sleep training a 2 year old would be nearly impossible.  Pia came and stayed with me for an entire night and my son immediately warmed up to her.  After one night and one night only my son began sleeping in his own bed and on a schedule from 7-7 rather than going to sleep anytime between 9-11 pm and waking up multiple times through the night to drink milk or to make sure he was on top of me and attached to me.  He fell right in line with his naps as well!  I really feel like Pia performs miracles!! Something I struggled with for 2 years she accomplished in just one night and supported me every day thereafter.  I am so beyond grateful to her for what she has done for us both and would recommend her to anyone and everyone struggling with a non-sleeping child!!  She is absolutely priceless! 

Masha Sorkin, LICSW, MSW
Individual, Couples and Family Therapist

Pia has helped us create an anxiety free bed time

It is with great enthusiasm, gratitude, and appreciation that I write this letter to recognize the selflessness, love, and support that Ms. Annapia McCarthy-Peters has shown our family.

Our 2nd born child, Brielle, is a beautiful, smart, yet stubborn girl. Brielle became dependent on myself or my husband to fall asleep. He or I would have to lie in bed with her, then sneak out once she fell asleep. During the night time, she would then join us in “mommy-daddy bed”  for the remainder of the night until early morning. No one was sleeping, everyone was irritable, and our precious daughter was unable to be her cheerful self due to exhaustion and anxiety surrounding nap/bed time!

A friend of mine told me about a magic sleep consultant that would come to your home to work with you and your child, and, that her son was trained within one night! Well, it is not magic that Pia performs, it is brilliance within her field of child development accompanied by patience and selflessness that doesn’t just “train” but “teach” your child the importance of becoming a “sleep champion” by creating a plan to celebrate the child’s accomplishments and successes.

The night we met Pia was a wonderful night. Her presence is calm, loving, and caring. She mentioned her desire to “help make the world a better place”, and she certainly made an impact in our home. Not only was she able to assist that night by taking over all bed time “duties”, she has remained an active part in the daily sleep time struggles. My husband and I are able to email or message Pia at any time with questions or concerns, and Pia response time is quick, informative, and helpful.

Pia not only encourages the child, but encourages the parent as well. She will dedicate time to show you that she believes in you and your child. With Pia’s support, our daughter has become a sleep champion by falling asleep on her own, staying in her bed all night, and waking up with a cheerful and smiley disposition.

I would like to end this note by thanking Pia once again for her dedication to our family, by helping us to create  an anxiety-free bedtime, and believing in our family. I speak for my whole household when I say, “we truly love you!”


The Orkin Family